Disk Clone Industrial

Disk duplication hardware solution - clone up to 20 disks automatically

Disk Clone Industrial is an affordable industrial-grade disk duplication hardware solution supporting parallel cloning of multiple disks. Easy to use, extremely quiet and energy efficient. Supports cloning physical disks, ISO images or compressed Disk Images to different type of media: HDD/SSD/NVMe/USB.

Disk Clone 1.0 released
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Customizable interface allows to define layouts, batches and processing automation. Supports cloning Hard Disk Drives, solid state drives (SSD) and latest NVMe disks, SATA and SAS disks, external disks via eSATA and USB. Cloning any file systems and operating systems: Windows, Linux/Unix, MacOS. Licensing policy assumes no extra charges per each disk duplication!

Main Features

Parallel cloning

Parallel cloning of up to 20 disks from a single source

Disk or Image source

Physical disk or disk image file could be used as a clone source

Any file system

Clone all known file systems and operating systems

Print certificates

Print certificates and sticky labels

Trayless cages

Trayless cages for hot-swapping HDD and SSD

Industrial form factors

Industrial 3U/4U or desktop form factors

Custom batches

Custom batches and automated operations, like preliminary Disk Erase


Email, sound, visual and HTTP notifications

File browser

File browser and Disk Viewer help to validate cloning results

Disk Erase

Optional Disk Erase operation to sanitize media

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